Puffy Paint Pictures ~ Easter

2012-03-17 09.30.05

Making the most of Easter’s imminent arrival AND Charlotte’s obsession with the Easter Bunny (“is it Easter day now, Mummy?”) I pulled out the old puffy paint trick. Have you ever tried this? It’s quick, easy, fun and effective.

Easter Puffy Paint Pictures

You will need:

  • paper (preferably thick paper or card)
  • a thick black texta
  • per colour: 1 tablespoon self raising flour, 1 tablespoon of salt, a few drops of food colouring, and enough water to make a paste
  • containers for your paint – you can use old yoghurt pots, an egg carton, or I have this nifty plastic one from Riot Art and Craft (I spend WAY too much time and money in that place).
  • newspaper for a surface you don’t mind getting messy (outside is good!)

1. In each container or paint well mix together the self raising flour, salt, food colouring and water until you have a thick paste consistency. If you’re in the mood your little one can help. On this occasion I chose to do the mixing myself – the paint wells are a little small and delicate on my palette to allow the enthusiastic mixing of a two year old.

2012-03-17 09.30.15

2. If you’re doing the Easter thing, draw a picture of something Easter-ish on the paper for your toddler to paint over. Or freestyle it and let them get creative on their own.

3. Spread the newspaper out and prepare to get stuck into it!

2012-03-17 09.31.53

4. Hand the paints and paint brush over to your toddler and let them go nuts. Charlotte is quite a careful painter, she likes to be neat. However she soon discovered that slathering the puffy paint onto the newspaper is just as much fun as painting Easter pictures. If not more so.

2012-03-17 09.41.54

5. Together put the art work into the microwave and set it on high for about 20 seconds. This is a good time to get all educational and talk about the numbers, practice counting down to zero. Watch through the glass as the paint puffs up.

2012-03-17 09.33.04

6. Allow to cool a bit before taking it out of the microwave, then ask your toddler to choose somewhere to display their art.

2012-03-17 09.34.39

Got a baby? Try some puffy finger painting. I recommend you take it outside and have a bucket of warm soapy water handy along with a flannel or old cloth nappy for cleaning up.

Got a preschooler? This activity works just as well with preschoolers, but you could also ask them to draw their own Easter picture to paint.

Got a school kid? Help them to make their own paints, try experimenting with making different colours by mixing up your reds, blues and yellows. Encourage them to do a freestyle Easter picture.

Got something to say? Well go on then, you know what to do…


3 Comments on “Puffy Paint Pictures ~ Easter”

  1. homelifesimplified says:

    This craft has been on my to do list / ideas… since my kids were preschoolers (terrible i know) – i love how you have the extensions at the end of the activity based on age – fab idea!

  2. Where does the time go? I have so many ideas yet to use, hopefully this little bloggy place will give me more motivation to dig them out. Thanks so much for visiting.

  3. Bursitis and tendinitis center says:

    I like how you added xtras for different ages. Thanks for adding this in comments at EARLY PLAY AUSTRALIA

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