Grateful: Holidays


Easter is here, which means a four day break for most people – everybody say YEAH! More than that, for me and lots of other teachers and parents it means school holidays! I’m SO grateful for school holidays. At the end of each term I’m shattered and the children are exhausted and we’re all starting to go loopy-loo. We need the break.

My big plans for the holidays are …. doing some big jobs around the house that seem a little impossible when work is on; playing and playing and playing with Charlotte because I have a little less work to do; taking a step back from teaching and getting some big picture planning done with my co-teacher; playing with this here little bloggity blog; seeing friends, family, maybe a day trip or two to the city, or the beach… and that’ll about do it for two weeks, ya think?

What are you grateful for this week? Share it with Maxabella or share it with a comment. I’m always grateful for those too. Nom nom, comments, mmmmmm.



2 Comments on “Grateful: Holidays”

  1. maxabella says:

    Your hols and my hols are going to be very similar! I hope it’s as relaxing as it sounds. x

    • It has been so far, thank you. Two big jobs quietly chipped away at and crossed off my list, reflecting and planning with my co-teacher today, a day of play with my niece and kiddo tomorrow, a one year old party to look forward to over the weekend. Lovely. I hope you’re relaxing too.

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