Edit Photos Free with PicMonkey


Like the rest of the interwebbing world I’m quite obsessed with photo editors. I don’t have any expensive, fancy image editors on my computer; I do all my editing using Picasa. It’s free, and pretty awesome.

However! There is a new player in the photo editing game. From the creators of the recently defunct Picnik is PicMonkey. It’s free*. And fabulous.

Here are some of my favourite features:

~ Easy Import

Just click and drag the pic you want to edit. Done.

Fullscreen capture 17042012 14152 PM.bmp

~ Cropping

You can crop to many different sizes and dimensions, or to set sizes like “Facebook Timeline”, different sizes for “Avatar”, and “Desktop”. The hard work is done for you!

Fullscreen capture 17042012 14047 PM.bmp

~ Sharpen

The sharpness and clarity sliders allow you to instantly gives photos a boost.

sharpness and clarity

~ Filters

Pretty, pretty filters.

Screen Captures

~ Text

I added text to this photo to create Paul’s birthday card.

Fullscreen capture 17042012 15227 PM.bmp

~ Buttons

There are lots of different buttons to choose from to add some quirky/tacky additions to your pics.

Fullscreen capture 17042012 15450 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 17042012 15712 PM.bmp


Plenty of choices for frames to give your photo the right finish.

Fullscreen capture 17042012 15756 PM.bmp

Scariest Features ~ Touch Ups

Charlotte has had highlights, a tan, eyes brightened, mascara added, lips coloured, teeth whitened, and cheeks blushed. It’d almost be funny. If it wasn’t so freakin’ scary. *shudder*

Fullscreen capture 17042012 20555 PM.bmp

~ Save and Go

You have your edited picture downloaded to your hard drive in a click. No hoo-ha with registration and special offers and ads. Just your picture: better.

*PicMonkey is currently free but some features are ‘Royalty’ features, indicated by a small crown. I’m not sure what this means yet, but perhaps we’ll be asked to pay up soon. I might be interested, depending on cost. It is a pretty damn good tool.

What are you waiting for? GO THERE NOW!


11 Comments on “Edit Photos Free with PicMonkey”

  1. homeworkmum says:

    Thanks for this Kylie, I’ve been looking for something for my photos. Now to just get it all onto the blog!

  2. Mez says:

    Oh thanks so much for posting this…I really miss picnik and hadn’t found another one that I liked using…fabulous!!!

  3. Skybeejaz says:

    Downloading now! Looks awesome for online editing. Definitely makes up for my cheap camera and lack of photography skills!

  4. kyl21z says:

    I was so devastated when I got the email to say that Picnik was closing, I’d been using the premium version for a couple of years and loved it! So when I saw that some of the creators had launched PicMonkey I was soooo excited, it’s got most of the Picnik features and I’ve been loving it. I will def be taking out premium membership once it’s available.

  5. I love picmonkey and can waste a good few hours just playing with photos, just for the sake of it. Thanks for the extra tips.

  6. homelifesimplified says:

    I am using picMonkey too (although i waited literally til the minute picnik vanished). i did not even notice the crop feature had settings like avatar and timeline – that is brilliant and something I have not seen in any other picMonkey tutorials etc sweeping the blogosphere! will pin this now.

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